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CITGO Retiree Reimbursement Account Program

 Retiree Post-65 Coverage
 Retiree Reimbursement
Account Program
If you retire from active employment during the plan year and you (or your spouse) are eligible for Medicare by reason of age, your health care coverage will change. Upon your Medicare eligibility date, your retiree health care coverage is available only through UnitedHealthcare Medicare Supplement and Advantage Plans. CITGO assists by subsidizing the cost of individual coverage purchased from UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions (AARP). We are pleased to have UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions (AARP) provide more coverage choices to our post-65 retirees and post-65 spouses of CITGO retirees. Each eligible, post-65 retiree and their eligible spouse participating in the Retiree Reimbursement Account (RRA) Program will have an individual retiree reimbursement account.
Each retiree and eligible spouse will have their own identification number which is their Social Security number and recognized by Medicare.
RRA Program year periods will be distinct annual periods (January 1 - December 31 each year).
Expenses must be incurred within the plan year's start - end dates to be eligible for reimbursement and received by UnitedHealthcare 90 days after the end of the plan year (March 31, except on leap years) to be reimbursed.
For each month of eligibility of a Retiree or eligible spouse, benefit dollars in the amount of $202.00 per month are credited.
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